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If you feel like someone is negatively judging some detail about you, try to shrug off the thought. For example, if someone glances your way and you immediately think they are noticing some flaw. This is because you’ve convinced yourself that your perceived flaw is so important that it’s the first thing people notice.

When you have this thought, try shrugging it off as though it was a completely ridiculous thought such as, “pigs can fly.” This is a reminder business that your own inner voice is not a reliable source on this issue. It’s not at all the voice of reality because you’ve blown your own flaws far out of proportion. 

Just as it’s likely that you don’t have unkind thoughts about someone you are meeting, the person you are meeting is highly unlikely to be having unkind thoughts about you. Which leads to the next important step.

Stop to Consider Your Own First Thoughts Upon Seeing or Meeting Someone New or Greeting Acquaintances

It’s very likely that when you encounter another person, whether you know them or not. Your first thoughts are not negative ones. In fact, as humans, we tend to dwell on negative thoughts about ourselves. While we are much more generous with others.


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